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Siemens Gamesa

28 September 2020

SIEMENS GAMESA RENEWABLE ENERGY, S.A. is a company dedicated to wind energy. Present in almost 90 countries, it offers a wide range of wind turbines both on land and at sea (onshore and offshore). In addition to providing maintenance and management services for wind farms.
Siemens Gamesa is born from the merger in 2017 of Siemens Wind Power and Gamesa. Both with a long history in the sector.



17 September 2020

CELLNEX TELECOM, S.A. is a company dedicated to telecommunication services and infrastructures, currently it is the main operator in Spain and provides services in 7 other countries. Cellnex was born from the sale of the business by Abertis, going public and sailing alone. On the other hand, Abertis would be absorbed by ACS and Atlantia and would no longer be listed on the stock exchange.
Its activity is divided into 4 main areas:

  • Infrastructure services: It has more than 60,000 sites that it rents to telephone operators for their use.
  • Audiovisual broadcasting networks: Similar to telephony, but for television broadcasting.
  • DAS & Small Cells: System that provides wireless connectivity in reduced spaces to many users. Such as airports, shopping malls, resorts...
  • Solutions (drawer of tailor): Internet of the things, Smart things and ideas at present little landed.
Cellnex has an attractive business and seems to be profitable. Will it be so?



16 July 2020

Viscofan is a company dedicated to the manufacture of artificial packaging for sausages. It manufactures the 4 existing technologies of artificial casings, Cellulose, Collagen, Fibrous and Plastic. It is the only company in the world capable of manufacturing all 4. It has also recently added an edible vegetable casing to its range of products. It also produces machinery to use its casings and sells in more than 100 countries.



02 June 2020

Iberdrola is a company with more than 170 years of history that has different businesses focused on energy and electricity. On the one hand, it is dedicated to the production of electricity using renewable sources (wind, mini-hydraulic, thermosolar, photovoltaic, biomass, etc). On the other hand, it is present in the network business, which is in charge of the construction, operation and maintenance of lines and transformation centres. Finally, it also focuses on electricity production with conventional (non-renewable) plants and marketing to the end user.



11 May 2020

NATURGY ENERGY GROUP, S.A. better known a few years ago as Gas Natural, is a company in the energy sector with a presence in 28 countries and 18 million customers. Its business has 3 legs:

  • Gas, in which it participates in its different stages: Supply, Transport, Distribution, Storage and Distribution.
  • Electricity: Generation, distribution and marketing
  • Renewables: Generation, distribution and marketing
According to their 2018-2022 strategic plan, they expect to reach 1.8 billion in profits. These plans are usually quite optimistic, shall we say?



04 May 2020

Inditex is a textile company that owns multiple brands such as Zara, Massimo Dutti, Pull & Bear, Bershka, Oysho, Lefties and others. It has a surface area of stores that exceeds 5 million square metres and it is also improving its online business by selling 23% more than the previous year (14% of the total).



23 April 2020

Vidrala is a company that in recent years has jumped to the front pages of newspapers with its large increase in profits year after year. In this analysis we will try to understand the secret of Vidrala, we will estimate if it is well managed and we will see if it is a good buy for a Buy&Hold portfolio.



11 April 2020

We can say that Repsol is a company present in the entire oil value chain, from exploration to refining and marketing of energy and gas. In addition, in recent years it has been diversifying its business, previously more focused on the oil value chain and now also involved in electricity generation.



01 April 2020

ACS is one of the largest construction companies in Spain, but to call it simply a construction company is an understatement. ACS divides its business into 3 legs: construction of civil works, industrial services and other services such as comprehensive maintenance of communities and buildings, as well as cleaning and assistance to dependent groups. Precisely, civil works construction is not its main source of profit